Critical Windows patch may wreak PC havoc

I think I finally figured out why my PC started behaving weirdly a few days back.

News.com reports this.

Basically, a patch released recently by Microsoft to fix a Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) vulnerability.

However, users applying this patch could be in for a lot of side effects posts Microsoft. These including locking a user of their PC, certains programs and services not starting besides others.
In my case Windows Firewall and Internet Connection Sharing wouldn’t startup resulting in me being cutting of from the Internet. Was able to solve it later by disabling System Restore service (as it wasn’t stopping for some reason) and enabling Windows Firewall service.

I suggest if you are doing a windows update run to the guide MS provides. All you have to do is open a Command window (Start > Run > cmd) and enter this:

echo y| cacls %windir%registration /G everyone:R system:F administrators:F
echo y| cacls %windir%registration*.clb /G everyone:R system:F administrators:F

Note: Make sure that there is not a space between the y character and the pipe (|) character. If there is a space between these characters, the commands will not correctly execute.

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