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Create your own Games with Construct

Are you a die hard gamer. Can’t wait to buy the latest games in the market? Is your computer tweaked to the height of performance?

How about getting into the creation business and making your very own game. You don’t need to be an expert at coding and programming especially with software that makes this job easy for you.

One such software is Construct.

Construct is a free powerful and easy to use development software for both DirectX 9-based games and applications. It includes an event based system for defining how the game or application will behave, in a visual, human-readable way – easy enough for complete beginners to get results quickly. Optionally, advanced users can also use Python scripting to code your creations.



Create games and applications with:
  • Super fast hardware-accelerated DirectX 9 graphics engine
  • Add multiple pixel shaders for special effects, including lighting, HDR, distortion, lenses and more
  • Advanced rendering effects like motion blur, skew and bumpmapping (3D lighting)
  • Innovative Behaviors system for defining how objects work in a flexible way
  • Physics engine for realistic object behavior
  • Bone animation system for smooth, dynamic animations using separate objects as ‘limbs’
  • Place object on different layers for organizing display, parallaxing, or whole-layer effects – also freely zoom individual layers in and out with high detail
  • Debugger giving you complete control over all aspects of your game for testing purposes.
  • Python scripting for advanced users – however, Construct’s Events system is still powerful enough to complete entire games without any scripting.
  • Smaller, faster specialized runtime for applications
  • 60+ plugins ranging from Tiled Background to Windows controls and a C++ plugin SDK for custom development

If you want to see the power of Construct, you can take a look at the several demos of applications and games made with it. So, if you’re ready to take the plunge, get hold of Construct from the link below and download the tutorials.

Download Construct
Learn Construct
Download Demos

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