Create Your iPhone Signatures For Free With iPhone Signature Creator

An email signature saves a considerable amount of time. Instead of having to add your contact details with each email, they are automatically pasted under each outgoing email. Usually you can set only one email signature for your outgoing emails. This can become a slight problem for people who need to use multiple signatures – one for business contacts and the other for friends and family.

iPhone users will find that not only do their phones lack an HTML signature feature but also the ability to use multiple signature. A solution is presented by “iPhone Signature Creator.”


iPhone Signature Creator is a free to use tool that helps you create your signatures for emails that you will send from your iPhone. The process is fairly simple. You fill out the details on the site’s form. These details include almost everything you could think of including in a signature. Namely, these details include your name, phone number, website, profession and rank, company’s name, social media profile URLs, address, and Skype username.


You can even upload a logo to accompany your signature. The logo can be uploaded via a URL or through your computer.

When you are done filling out the details for your signature, you can get your signature’s personal URL and send it to your phone. Save the URL to your home screen or bookmark it. This bookmark or home screen shortcut will add the HTML signature to your emails. Create multiple signatures and multiple URLs will be generated for them; these multiple URLs can be saved on your phone and used for different types of emails.


iPhone Signature Creator does not require your iPhone to be jailbreaked or unlocked. Access this web tool @ http://www.coolgeex.com/iPhoneSign/

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