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Create sketches from your photos with Photo Sketch

Who doesn’t love a beautifully sketched photo?! In today’s digital age with mobile phones with cameras, sketching is an art best enjoyed with artists. But, with technology, you get several software and apps that let you convert your existing photos into cool sketches.

Photo Sketch is an Android app that allows you to easily make wonderful pencil sketches from your camera pictures in an instant. Photo Sketch makes cool and fun Pencil sketch art drawing by applying sketching camera effects and filters to your photos, which you can then share on instagram or Facebook or twitter and on other photo sharing networks.

Photo Sketch


  • Click a photo from camera,or select an image from Phone Gallery, Facebook album
  • Select the area you want to apply the effect on. ie. Crop and Resize
  • Choose the Pencil Sketch effect or filter you want to apply
  • Add a frame or text to the photo
  • Preview and share the resultant pictures
  • Save them to your phone memory and use the drawing as a live wallpaper or as a lock screen for the phone / tablet

Photo Sketch comes with 15 photo effects and 5 types of frames.

Note that though the app is free, it shows popup advertisements.

Download Picture Effects from the Google Play store

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