Retina Images for WordPress
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Create high resolution retina images on your WordPress blog

Apple’s new Macbook Pro with Retina display has started to catch on. And many people (like me) are using the new iPad with the retina screens.

These retina screens have four times as many pixels as normal screens. Which means that your visitors may end up seeing slightly blurry images on these displays.

Why not enhance your visitor’s experience by serving retina screen visitors images which are of a higher resolution. At the same time you wouldn’t want to penalise regular visitors with higher file size images.

It is a pain to create double size (both width and height) images every time you want to add an image to a post. This is where Retina Images for WordPress steps in. It taps into the power of Retina Images php script to automatically generate a higher resolution image whenever you add an image to your post.

Retina Images for WordPress

For all your older posts, you can run Regenerate Thumbnails plugin with the above plugin activated and your retina images will be created automatically.

Now, whenever a visitor with a retina screen visits your blog, they will automatically be served with the 2x image. All other visitors will see the normal image.

Do you have retina images activated for your posts?

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