Create Effects, Resize, Colorize and Optimize GIF images Online

GIF files let us create simple picture sequences which move in the form of animations. These GIF files can be used as avatars of our usernames on websites. We can also use them as our dynamic display pictures on various instant messaging clients.

While they look like simple image files, GIF files cannot be worked with like regular PNG, JPG, or BMP images. Our most commonly used image editing tools fall short when it comes to modifying files of the GIF format. What computer users need is an image editing tool dedicated to GIF images which helps the user in fully and effectively modifying his/her GIF files.

Since the internet is such a huge place with possibly a tool for everything, we started our search for a GIF editing program there. However no installable freeware could fulfill our GIF editing demands as well as we had expected. What we did settle on was something unexpected: a website. We did not have to download or install any application. The editing was done right there within the browser.

The site being discussed is GIFWorks.


GIFWorks is an online GIF image editing tool which requires only you to upload your image to get started. But that is only for editing. If you are new to GIF files (probably you just saw a friend’s display picture changing colors in your instant messaging client while talking to him), you can start creating files as well. Simply click on File, have a look at the dropdown menu, and you will know instantly where to get started.


As far the editing options go, GIFWorks left us impressed and in awe. With its extremely basic interface and royal blue layout, we did not expect the site to offer more than five editing options. But as it turned out, GIFWorks does not fall short of any regular image editing program.


Try working on GIFWorks and experience how conveniently you can work with GIF images.


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