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Create a mobile version of your WordPress blog with MobStac

The mobile is taking over the world. Today, almost all mobile phones come equipped with browsers, not to forget the whole host of mobile devices out there. While most mobile browsers can easily support your normal blog theme, you might want to create a better experience for users by offering a custom look for mobile devices.

You can manually do this or use one of the many services that allow you to do so. MobStac is one such powerful service that helps you get the job done.

Creating your mobile blog is extremely easy and you’ll be done in 20-30 minutes.

Simply enter the site URL and let MobStac populate the fields. You can choose to upload a logo or just use your Twitter ID. I tested using the Techtites Twitter ID (the screenshot below shows me using the upload option).


This is the easy step. The next step is to install the WordPress plugin and enter the API key and you’re good to go. The mobile plugin ensures that if someone visits your blog on their mobile browser, they will be redirected to the mobile version of the site above.

Techtites on MobStac

If you have your own domain (you do, don’t you?), an additional (and optional) step is to create a CNAME entry to create a domain for your mobile site. This ensures complete sync and no third party URLs.

MobStac is currently available as an open beta, so you may see a few bugs on and off. The site still lacks decent documentation, which I am sure is WIP.

If you’re running your WordPress blog, do check out MobStac. If you’re on your mobile browser, check out our blog at http://m.techtites.com/

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