Cooliris – Now on iPhone (Tool Tuesday)

Cooliris, the popular browser extension that revolutionizes the way you view media on your computer, is now available as an application for your iPhone!

Cooliris for the iPhone allows you to search the web for media and news in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate way. Your results are displayed on an endlessly streaming 3D Wall that is a breeze to browse with your iPhone touchscreen.


  • 3D Wall makes navigating Internet media attractive, easy, and fun
  • Discover provides you with news on-the-go: stay on top of the latest current events
  • Local news feature makes it simple to get news that’s relevant to you
  • Get the full story: Discover allows you to read the entire related article as you’re browsing news media, without ever leaving the app.

Discover Cooliris for the iPhone »


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