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Convert and share files with the Cometdocs

We highlighted a powerful mobile app that allows you to convert to and from PDF files yesterday. However, if you’re sitting on a desktop you might want the flexibility to easily convert and share files. This is where the revamped Cometdocs comes into the picture.


The new version of Cometdocs is an all-in-one document management service of the highest order. Using the new Cometdocs, users can now convert, store, transfer and share their files online easily and free of charge.

Key features:

  1. File conversion: Cometdocs support file conversion to and from PDF. Check out the full list of conversion types.
  2. File storage: Registered users get 1GB of storage space to store their files. Unregistered users can store files for up to 3 days before they send it to users
  3. File sharing: Unregistered users get a sharing link for their uploaded file which will be valid for a period of 24 hours. Registered users, however, can share their files indefinitely, since their files are part of their storage quota.
  4. File transfer: One great feature is that you can send large files (up to 100Mb) to recipients daily.

Overall the Cometdocs gives you a complete online file sharing experience. I’m not sure how long the unregistered service will last since that is an open invitation to spammers and pirates. However, the registered user options are really worth exploring. If you’re into serious and regular file sharing, then you might even consider one of their premium plans.

Visit Comet Docs Online Document Manager

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