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coloci helps you get closer to your friends

In today’s digital age, meeting friends requires setting up plans around busy work schedules. More often than not, you’ll most likely not make a plan. Coloci helps you easily share your travel plans, big or small, with your friends, so that you can meetup with those who are nearby. You can share these with your social network (selectively or broadcast) and alerts you when your friends will be nearby so you can meetup with them.

How to use coloci

All you need to do is the following: signup, invite your friends (because its their trips that you will see).

coloci mobile landing page

Start adding your trips.

coloci Add new trip

Now, when your friends are nearby, you will be able to see their trip and meetup with them.

coloci - radar and tabs full

Where do you find coloci?

You can access coloci directly from your browser of your desktop, tablet or phone. On your phone visit to load the mobile apps. iPhone users have a dedicated app which makes the task a bit easier. If you’re in India then you can use SMS (text messages) to add your trips.

Are you already using coloci? Does it help you connect with your friends? Or do you prefer just econnecting with them?

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