Cleeng: A web service that helps you increase your site income

Any self employed individual appreciates new ways in which he/she can increase his/her income. The same applies to website owners. If you are a site owner, then there is a cool new way for you to give your income a boost.

Websites can generally be categorized into two categories: ones that provide free content and ones that provide premium/paid content. The free sites make money through online ads and the paid sites make money through user subscriptions. But a web service called “Cleeng” lets you merge these two type of website to maximize your income.

Cleeng is a Europe-based web service that aims to boost a site owner’s income. The service comes as site plug-in that blends flawlessly with your site and development platform. What Cleeng lets you do is divide your site content into free and premium. Such a division lets you earn by the online ads on the free content; if visitors viewing the free content like what you have to offer, they will surely subscribe for the premium content as well.

Cleeng accepts payments through PayPal and credit cards. People who buy your content through Cleeng are able to read on various platforms: computers and different types of smartphones. Therefore by buying your content now, visitors will be able to read it later on any device they want.

Cleeng plug-ins can be downloaded for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Brightcove. The service also offers a PHP SDK and its own API.

Check out Cleeng to learn more about the service and see its video introduction.

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