Clean Up Your Digital Music Library With TuneUpMedia

If you download music from the internet or rip CDs without checking their tags, there is a good chance your music library is in a haphazard state. There will be songs there without the proper titles, tags, or cover art. If you start manually correcting this issue and begin to manually sort out your library, you will end up spending hours on the task. This is precisely what makes TuneUp such a valuable tool.


TuneUp is an installable program for Windows and it works in conjunction with iTunes. After you install the download file sized at nearly 23 MB, you can open up TuneUp which will also open iTunes. The songs in your media library will be analyzed and given the appropriate tags plus cover art; this is what TuneUp calls fixing your music collection “automagically.”


Take a look at what your iTunes music library might look before TuneUp has operated on it.


And here is how it will look after TuneUp’s action. You will find all the appropriate tags and cover art added plus files correctly named.


When you open TuneUp, it will open up as a sidebar on the right of iTunes.


The options provided by TuneUp include cleaning up your songs (titles and tags), searching for missing covert art, exploring music, and checking the concert dates of your favorite bands.

TuneUp also features its own community named “Tuniverse.” You can share your favorite songs on Tuniverse by playing them in iTunes.

The free version of TuneUp allows a 100 song cleanups and 50 cover art finds. To remove these limits you will have to purchase the program; prices are available on its homepage.

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