WordPress Post Slug
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How to change your post slug in WordPress for good SEO

If you have configured your WordPress blog to display permalinks, WordPress will automatically generate a post slug using the title of your post.

However, this post slug tends to be very long if you have a long title.

WordPress Post Slug

Good SEO dictates that you keep your post slug as short as possible and you can do this by removing some stop words. Kevin Chard has a good snippet of code that will strip the stop words from the slug and give you a shortened clean post slug.

For even better SEO, you should manually edit your post-slug to use the keywords that you’re targeting for the particular post. In order to change the default slug that is generated, simply hit the Edit button and you’ll get a text field that you can type your own slug and hit OK.

Change WordPress Post Slug

When you publish your post, WordPress will use this new slug that you created.

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