WordPress.com vs. Blogger.com – Brief comparisons

Have been using WordPress for over two years now and Blogger for a year.

WordPress.Com vs. Blogger

Had always hosted WordPress as my personal blog while chose to start using Blogger just as a test.

We now have WordPress.com run by the folks to made WP, while Blogger is owned and operated by the infamous Google

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WordPress.com – First Impressions

Have had some time to evaluate WordPress.com since I signed up two days ago.

Signing up was rather easy without having to fill in too much details. My first impression when after having logged in was the sleek looking interface.
After having used WordPress for over two years now this was the coolest look I found.

The dashboard is a lot more functional, but I think it can be developed still further.

The first thing I got down to was editting my Profile and the Options for my settings. Though, the profile page is extensive, I am a little disappointed by the amount of options available here.

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