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Excel Tutorial: VLOOKUP primer

Last week, I introduced you to VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH. In this post, we’ll use VLOOKUP to find a value from the table.

Source table

Firstly, let’s create the above table in Excel. So whip up the installation of Excel you have. You can use either of Excel 2003, Excel 2007 or Excel 2010. I’ll be using Excel 2010 in my example. Download the examples file before you proceed. The file contains a Questions sheet which you can practice in and a Solutions sheet as well.

If you haven’t had a chance to review the basic syntax of the functions, please do read this post before you continue.

VLOOKUP is the easier function of the two to use and understand. It takes just 4 parameters and we’ll be using all 4. And, we’ll look at 4 options of using VLOOKUP.

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How To Call Your Friends Free Of Cost Using Wifi On iDevices and Android

Thanks to the internet we now have the convenience to call our friends and family members for free no matter where they are. For those who own an iPhone and would like to call their loved ones from any part of the world where they have access to a wifi connection they can use Tango! Tango is a brilliant free iPhone video calling service that connects people around the world with friends and family no matter where they are.

Easily Backup Mozilla Firefox Profile Settings

Consider a situation when you are browsing and suddenly your browsers crashes. You restart the browser and notice that all your bookmarks, history and profile data is lost. To get rid of this problem, we found an excellent utility, MozBackup, which can help you backup your Mozilla Firefox of Thunderbird data in few simple clicks.

Things you should know before buying a laptop..

I’m pretty sure most of the people who visit this site have at some point or the other had to make a decision about what laptop to buy. More often than not we buy our laptops and are very happy with them for the first month and then things begin to change. Of course, having spent all this money we’re not going to let anyone know that we’re unhappy now, are we?

How To Easily Merge Multiple MPEG Videos

There are times when a number of small video clips are created when one uses the video function in one’s phone or perhaps you’d like to join together a set of mpg clips created by your digital camcorder. If your camcorder or clips are in the MPEG format, you’re in luck – a simple command line will append and merge the clips into a single large clip allowing you uninterrupted viewing pleasure. This is done by using the COPY command and without the need for any external utility.