How To Get Fast Access To Google Services In Chrome

Google is constantly trying to better their products. To enhance the functionality of their internet browser, Chrome, Google have released a number of extensions that complement the browser. Many of these extensions integrate many of Google’s existing services into Chrome.

Add Tabs Preview in Chrome with TabsPreview

Browser tabs let us view many webpages in a single browser window. This can save us a lot of taskbar space and keep things tidy and organized. However the advantage soon turns into a disadvantage as the number of tabs increases to a larger number.

Speed Up Your Browsing Experience in Chrome with FastestFox

Time has become more important today than in previous centuries. When compared with our ancestors, it can be seen that we get things done quicker and have more time left at the end of the day; ironically however time has become more important to us than it was to them. As technology has advanced, we have gotten used to getting more things done in as little time as possible.

Maximize games in FireFox with Flash Game Maximizer

If you’re addicted to Farmville, Roller Coaster Kingdom or Cafe World, then you’ll love this FireFox addon. Flash Game Maximizer will allow you to maximize (almost) any Flash content to the entire browser window as the click of a button. The addon also recognises F12 as the key to maximise the flash content.

How To Replace Chrome New tab With Your Predefined Visual Bookmarks

Google Chrome is a great internet browser. It provides its users with wonderful speed and awesome functionality while using the minimum resources possible of our computer. However like all other leading browsers (such as Firefox) there are areas in Chrome which have a considerable room for improvement.

Transfer Bookmarks From One Browser To The Next

With such an impressive array of browsers to choose from nowadays, it is not uncommon to work with multiple internet browsers on our computers. The biggest challenge a user faces in switching back and forth from web browsers is to export and import the settings. By settings, we mainly mean bookmarks (or favorites, if you are an Internet Explorer user).

How To Take Full Screenshot of Web Pages in Firefox & IE

Bloggers know that while reviewing sites, screenshots are highly useful in giving references. Instead of typing “click on the little OK button towards the top right of the screen” one can easily take a screenshot and show the readers what exactly is being written about. If you’re a professional blogger or have a similar job that requires you to take screenshots all the type, then the traditional method of pressing the ‘Print Screen’ key and then pasting the image in MsPaint might not suit you best.

Automatically Reload Web Pages with ReloadEvery

Let us suppose that you are a Firefox user and have posted a response in a thread on a popular internet forum. You want to be able to read the new post in that thread as soon as it happens. Of course you can keep clicking the Refresh button or keep pressing the F5 key every now and then.

How To Minimize FireFox to System Tray

Firefox users seldom move on to the next web browser. Due to its remarkable stability, simple user interface and superior speed, Firefox is one web browser one can’t leave behind. But there’s another feature of Firefox that keeps the browser fresh and its users interested – add-ons.