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Second Anniversary… We’re hunting…

Two years ago, on this day, this blog called out to the world. Two years down the line, the journey has been memorable. I did have great plans for it, but unfortunately, well, the first year of MBA interrupted this.

Was Hacked, Now I am back

This blog got hacked yesterday. Being stuck with my MBA, I wasn’t able to react as quickly as I hoped to. Rishi was kind enough to message me and let me know about the same and I got down to working on this ASAP.

Reason for No Posts

A series of events has resulted in a dry run over the past few days. For one, I have been out of town for the weekend with no access to a PC. In addition to that my internet connection has been misbehaving and my PC hasn’t been too helpful either.

Internet Problems: No Posts for a While

My internet connection has been terrible for the last three days which is the reason why I haven’t had any posts out here. My ISP informs me that of some fiber problem and it will be a few days atleast before it can be fixed. So until I have a decent internet connection, I won’t be able to make any posts until then.

Site Updates

Have been working on the template a bit. Changed it into a three column layout from the original two columns. Tweaked a few other settings as well.