Hotmail to be 1GB

Microsoft has taken one more step towards migrating all its users to Windows Live Mail. Inboxes of Hotmail users will now be upgraded to 1GB of space. This will be done irrespective of the market and account age, i.

So it’s Yahoo WordPress

WordPress Dev Blog reports that Yahoo Small Business will now offer WordPress for its users. Yahoo has gone ahead with more than just the default installation of WP. It also includes Akismet with a Pro-Blogger Akismet License.

Google Corrects Gmail Security Flaw

Google said Wednesday it has fixed a problem in its widely used email program that allowed hackers to break into peoples Gmail accounts to read messages and pose as legitimate email users. Security researchers in Spain exposed a flaw in the way Google authenticates its users, allowing the breach in the system that counts more than 5 million users. The process for exploiting Gmail was posted to a hacker web site. Free Accounts Upgraded

For those who aren’t aware, PhotoBucket is a free image hosting service in the likes of Flickr. They have just upgraded the free services provided to users. You now have a free storage of 50MB and free bandwidth of 2500MB/month which should be more than enough for free users.