Remove your Deleted File Tracks with Eraser

Normally, we delete our files and empty the recycle bin but that procedure doesn't remove those files permanently. The traces are still there and can be recovered easily by using related applications. This can become a problem if you are using a computer with more than 1 user and your important files (which may include passwords, personal information, classified documents etc)  can be at stake.

How to backup your registry and maintain multiple copies

First off, a little background for the uninitiated amongst us Windows users. What is the Windows Registry? Short Answer: It's a central database (although consisting of multipe files), if you will, that stores settings of Windows and most, if not all, the programs that exist on your hard drive.

Windows 7 Beta to be released worldwide tomorrow

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has announced that a test version of the US software titan's Windows 7 operating system will be available worldwide on Friday. Earlier he had announced that Windows 7 is nearing completion and is almost ready for release. Windows 7 Beta will be available for all users for testing or regular use until the final version is made available.

Firefox most vulnerable application of 2008

In a report released by Bit9, Firefox has topped the list of vulnerable applications with 10 vulnerabilities which could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via buffer overflow,malformed URI links, documents, JavaScript and third party tools. Bit9 is an application whitelisting vendor that centrally controls which applications and devices are allowed to operate, thereby preventing malicious software and data leakage. The report lists 12 of the most vulnerable Windows applications which required end user intervention in patching the vulnerability.

Three Tools to Speed up Windows

A few weeks back we covered five tools to clean up your PC as well as ten tools to defragment your hard disk. This week we have three tools that keep your Windows fast. Vista Services Optimizer Vista Services Optimizer enables you to safely optimize Windows services based on how you use your computer.