Adobe Flash coming to the iPhone

Apple and Adobe are teaming up to create a flash player for the iPhone. Narayen (Adobe Executive) said that he was “pleased with progress” since June of 2008. Apple CEO Steve Jobs originally claimed that Adobe Flash was too resource-heavy for the iPhone.

Find and delete duplicate Images

It’s really normal for me to copy tons of pictures and logos on my Hard drive while I’m blogging.  Just the other day, I found at least 10 logo images of Microsoft Windows 7 in my Pc and there were there for no reason. I have just stumbled upon an award winning duplicate picture finder software that helps you scan your entire collection of digital images, analyzes their contents and locates files that look alike.

Create Polaroid images with Poladroid

In the age of digital photographs, the Polaroid photo is slowly being forgotten. However, those who still love the Polaroid, but who take only digital pictures, Poladroid provides you with an excellent option. Poladroid is simple software that allows you to convert your digital photographs into Polaroid images.

GluTV (Website Wednesday)

Are you reading this from the US or any country outside India? Are you currently traveling and have missed your favorite episodes? GluTV, an online destination to view Indian TV programs with unlimited access to past and current programs.