Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

Airtel’s new video is definitely taking India (and Facebook) by storm. The tune and words are catchy, the video is well choreographed and the best part is that you can participate in their contest and win a trip to Las Vegas. The process of entering the contest is simple…

Google acquires Motorola for $12.5bn

Google is known for its acquisitions, including the $1.65bn acquisition of Youtube in 2006. However, this time they have completely outdone themselves with their acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

Create a mobile version of your WordPress blog with MobStac

The mobile is taking over the world. Today, almost all mobile phones come equipped with browsers, not to forget the whole host of mobile devices out there. While most mobile browsers can easily support your normal blog theme, you might want to create a better experience for users by offering a custom look for mobile devices.

Update your Nokia phone with Nokia Software Updater

Last week, I guided you through Backing up your Nokia phone. This week, as promised, I’ll teach you how to update your Nokia Symbian phone via Nokia Software Updater. Let me remind you yet again that you should backup your phone settings before proceeding with the update as it will completely restore all the settings etc.

Backup your Nokia phone with Nokia PC Suite

Well, many of us have a Nokia mobile and some of us have a Symbian S60 series mobile. The good thing about using a Symbian S60 Mobile is the ability for you to upgrade the firmware all by yourself. Upgrading the firmware would erase all the settings, messages and contacts on your phone. So, before I guide you through upgrading your phone, I’ll first teach you how to backup your phone using Nokia PC Suite.

Step 1

You’ll first need to download Nokia PC Suite. Nokia Nseries users may want to pick up a version of Nseries PC Suite.

Select your model from the list displayed on that page and download the version of Nokia PC Suite. Once downloaded, run the installer and complete the installation. You may be asked to restart your computer.

On restarting, Nokia PC Suite will open the Connection Manager that will guide you through connecting your mobile phone.

Nokia PC Suite Get Connected

Select the instructions on screen. You can choose your connection depending on if you have a cable or bluetooth. I recommend a cable since the transfers are much faster.Read More »Backup your Nokia phone with Nokia PC Suite

Download Leaked version of Fennec for Windows Mobile

Firefox is not only limited to your Pcs. There is a huge demand of Firefox in the world of cell phones as well. Recently, Firefox has started a new project under the name of “Fennec” which is totally dedicated to mobile phones.

It’s a browser for mobile phones which will be similar to Firefox. It will provide Mozilla’s standards-based open-source browser engine, optimized for mobile, that can be embedded by device manufacturers and others.


Firefox Mobile is already in Alpha 2 status while the first alpha release only works with Nokia N800/N810 internet tablet. On the other hand, Mozilla says that the first beta version of Fennec for Windows Mobile and HTC touch pro has made great progress and  is planned to be released soon.’

Read More »Download Leaked version of Fennec for Windows Mobile