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Fring Updates Its Smartphone App

There is a good chance that if you own an older generation iPhone, you took advantage of Fring’s services. In case you are unfamiliar with it, Fring is a very popular VoIP client that provides its services for free. The Fring application for older phones lets users conduct 1-way video calls: a person uses his camera to show himself while the person on the other end watches on his phone’s screen.

Facebook Connect now on your iPhone

Facebook is the most popular social media website for people to connect with their friends and family members. Previously they unveiled an extention for Facebook platform which makes it easy for you to bring your friends with you all over the Web. Recently they have expanded the same concept  to iPhone and iPod touch by offering “Facebook Connect for the iPhone”.

Intel Launches Quad-Core Chips

Now that was fast. Hardly a few months earlier Intel had launched the Core2Duo and now we have the Quad-Core Chips reports PC World. The Xeon 5300 and Core 2 Extreme QX6700 chips will deliver speedy performance for the science, entertainment, and business sectors, Intel President Paul Otellini said today in a statement.

88,400 in 2 days, that’s what Sony sold!

The PlayStation 3 was released in Japan just two days back and Reuters reports that 88,400 units have already been sold! I don’t think even Sony expected such a craze for their gaming console. Unfortunately for them, only 100,000 units were available for launch because of a glitch in blue laser diode production.

MacBook to use Core2Duo

Apple Computer today announced that the MacBook Desktop Computer will also be using Intel’s Core2Duo. This follows the announcement last month about the MacBook Pro laptops using the same processor. The new computers will start from $1099 ahead of the holiday season.