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WordPress Wednesday: Redirecting WordPress feeds to Feedburner using .htaccess

FeedBurner provides an excellent feed service that lets you track how many users are subscribed to your feed. You also get a shorter name especially if you are working with Category feeds. Users can still bypass your FeedBurner feed and continue to subscribe to your original blog feed.


Tectites Daily: Summary Sunday

If you have checked in just now, a new series was started at Techtites called Techtites Daily. The series began on 1 December and below is the summary of the articles since then. Dec 1 – Fun Friday: Zapak – A look at a gaming portal with a huge collection of competitive flash games.

Tip Thursday: Change Directory Auto-Complete

This was something I didn’t know existed, until I was researching about Windows Command Line. I know most of us don’t bother to use the command line anymore, except for a few geeks like me who use it for something as simple as renaming a file! This involves at times me needing to change the directory.

Tool Tuesday: StumbleUpon

If you have just started a new website, it can get really difficult to bring in some visitors. I usually promote my new site via my other sites. While this is good, it means I am limiting my horizons to only visitors to my current site and that too only a percentage of these may actually visit the new site.

Fun Friday : Zapak

Let me begin the very first article of Techtites Daily by reviewing a new gaming portal I found lately. The portal is known as Zapak and it claims to be India’s largest portal for free Online Casual, single player & Multiplayer Games. The site is still in its beta stages so you can expect some ups and downs, especially while signing in.