Download And Read Books On iPad For Free With iBooks

One of the major uses iPad owners will be putting their device to is reading eBooks. In addition to that, since the iPad is equipped with a speaker, iPad owners will be looking for applications that allow them to use audiobooks as well. For the eBooklevitra online enthusiast iPad owner, the ideal application would be something that successfully merges eBooks and audiobooks, and goes a step further to include the Apple store where eBooks can be purchased from.

iPad International Release Date Announced

Our friends in the US will face no problems purchasing an iPad. No matter which version they purchase, either the Wi-Fi or 3G version, they will face no availability problem. But us and everybody not in the US, has to have an iPad imported by a frientadalafil cialis from indiad to their country.

How To Change System Fonts In iPhone And iPod

How to change system fonts in iPhone and iPod == My guess is that Apple places software restrictions in iPhones and iPods simply so that third-party developers can spend time removing those restrictions, chronicle their achievements online via website and blogs, and users can stay engaged into the iPhone/iPod and the discoveries of features being made on it. It all started with the video recording capability of iPhone 2G; since then third-party developers have constantly been removing various operating system limitations in the iPhone and iPod. One of the more recent limitation removals is the ability to choose our own font styles in the iPhone and iPod interface.

Jailbreaking iPad with Spirit

Do you remember how long it took for the iPhone to be jailbroken? Although a jailbreaking method existed prior to it, another jailbreaking method was discovered 3 months after the original iPhone’s release. Since then we have been seeing constant newcialis 20 mg releases of jailbreaking tools and methods for iPhone and iPod devices.

Imageshack Introduces a Twitter Tool for iPhone

ImageShack is one of the biggest Image hosting websites out there. I had been using it for my Celebrity blogs for about a year now. Recently I have shifted to Photobucket and bought the premium account.

Apple iTunes Movie Store Launched in Germany

Apple has just launched iTunes movie store in Germany. These movies will be accessible by users from 5 major film studios and a handful of independent movie production houses. Users in Germany can now rent or purchase movies using iTunes store.

Download 30 Days Trial Version of GVDailer

MobileMax is the worldwide provider of unified communiation and fixed mobile convergence technologies. They have recently unveiled their first mobile application for Google voice known as GVdailer. DVailer will allow users to call using their Google Voice account directly from their handsets.

Facebook Connect now on your iPhone

Facebook is the most popular social media website for people to connect with their friends and family members. Previously they unveiled an extention for Facebook platform which makes it easy for you to bring your friends with you all over the Web. Recently they have expanded the same concept  to iPhone and iPod touch by offering “Facebook Connect for the iPhone”.

Apple Rolled Out iPod Shuffle and iTunes 8.1

Apple has rolled out their much anticipated iPod Shuffles yesterday. These new iPod adopt a more vertical shape than the previous model, but are smaller overall. People who are still interested in buying the previous generation iPod shuffles can get their hands on them.