Blog Herald looking for Web 2.0 Bloggers

Blog Herald is looking to hire bloggers and columnists for their blog. You can apply by sending an email to jobs [at] blogmedia [dot] biz with at least one writing sample fit to post at The Blog Herald. Bloggers are expected to post 20-50 times monthly while columnists generally once or twice each week.

Widgetize your theme!

Automattic has released a new plugin called WordPress Widgets. Users at are already using these Widgets, and with this plugin it allows users running WordPress as their blog software to do the same.

You have 50milliseconds!

ABC News reports: Internet users can take just one-twentieth of a second to decide whether they like the look of a website, researchers say. Dr Gitte Lindgaard and colleagues from Carleton University in Ottawa flashed up websites for 50 milliseconds and asked participants to rate them for visual appeal. When they repeated the exercise after a longer viewing period, the participants’ ratings were consistent.