10 Best Tips for WordPress Optimization

10 Best Tips for WordPress Optimization covers ten things you can do to make your website faster. Among these are installing cleaning up your WordPress plugins and themes, installing caching plugins, enabling PHP and mySQL caching and links to other articles on optimizing Apache etc.


Finding Good Writers for Your Blog

Finding Good Writers for Your Blog guides you through picking a good writer for your blog. I’ve been toying with the idea of opening up to writers in return for a generous share of adsense revenue on all their posts.

Digg Should Sue Wired?

Mike Arrington suggests that Digg Should Sue Wired over the “experiment” conducted by Wired Reporter. I disagree totally, because what she did was prove that Digg can still be gamed, despite Digg’s claims that it can’t. The argument continues…

So you want to be a Problogger?

Just two days back, Duncan wrote an interesting article on how becoming a professional blogger is a lot more difficult today that it was a few years back. I totally agree with his point of view. There are quite a few people making money through blogging, with some only through blogging.

Tip Thursday: Double-click and Shutdown Windows

Normally to shutdown Windows, you need to go to you Start Menu » Turn Off Computer » Turn Off I use my keyboard for this purpose by hitting in the shortcut keys, Windows Key followed by U and U. Carol has a tutorial on getting the same thing done by creating a Windows shortcut. You can create a Shortcut on your Desktop (read a similar tutorial) with shutdown -s -t 01 The -s issues the shutdown command and the -t 01 sets the time to one second.