Calculate PayPal Fee with PayPal Fee Calculator

We all know that PayPal is the most popular way to transfer money online. It allows you to send and receive money in more than 190 countries worldwide and can be used for commercial and personal money transfers and donations. Even though sending money is free but the recipient pays fees which varies depending on where the recipient is located. Calculating PayPal fees on your own can get very confusing.

This is where Paypal Fee Calculator comes in handy. It is a free web-based tool that allows people to calculate what their PayPal fees would be to receive a certain amount or to reverse calculate their fees to determine what amount a person would have to send them for them to receive a certain amount after fees.

With Paypal Fee Calculator you can easily calculates fee for different currencies and countries. Note that the calculator assumes that you have a premiere or a business account because personal accounts can’t accept payments via PayPal funded by credit and debit cards.

To get started all you have to do is enter the amount of money you are expected to receive and thats it. It will display the result as you enter your number.


If your transaction involves multiple currencies you can always use the advanced version of the calculator.

4 thoughts on “Calculate PayPal Fee with PayPal Fee Calculator”

  1. Sorry sanjeev, you are wrong ! this calculator is wrong unless you already know the fee, and if you do you don’t need a calculator. Also it has not been updated in 2 years so most of the fees are wrong too 🙂
    The only true Paypal fee calculator is at the Paypal simulator site (which is currently rebuilding) here:
    You just tell whatever you know and it will tell you the fees AND calculate all. Easy to use, accurate and up to date using paypal data.

  2. Thank you Jo, you are right. I tested this one with my account nd it is all correct, a greatpiece of work!
    Also they got a very useful \”money changer\” that is an instant money changer INCLUDING the fee, that’s unique I think and really useful as what they say in other sites is not what the bank will give you

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