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Bye Bye Yahoo! Photos! Where will you be moving to?

With the rise in popularity of Flickr, Yahoo! has finally decided to shut down Yahoo! Photos on September 20, which is just 40 days away.

You have been requested to move your photos to other photo services, primarily Flickr. You can also move it to Photobucket or download the original size pictures.

I bought a Flickr Pro account a few months back. And since then have been actively uploading my pictures to it, so it was an obvious choice to move the photos at Yahoo! Photos.

The migration is extremely smooth and all the photos are automatically marked as private, with you having the option to change them at a later stage.

I know a lot of people who use Yahoo! Photos exclusively to share their photos and so this move is a major impact to them. Are you one such user? Where will you be moving your photos to?

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  1. I’ve opted for http://www.Shutterfly.com

    Yahoo Photos allows a user to transfer all their photos to nay one of the following web-based photo hosting/printing services.

    For my needs, which involve only displaying and sharing of images online (1% chance of ever requiring hard copies), Shutterfly and it’s easy to understand interface and UNLIMITED storage fit the bill perfectly.

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