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Broadcast iTunes List Over the Internet with PulpTunes

Something I had been anticipating for such a long time. Finally someone figured it out! In the past I’ve always resorted to using specialised audio players, specialised playlists and complex web server systems in order to stream my songs online so that I can hear my tunes no matter where I am – even if I’m around the world.

However the smart people at PulpTunes have figured out how to broadcast your actual iTunes list over the internet, without any of the hassle. Whats so cool is that installing and setting up the software wont take more than a minute unless you’re really slow for some reason. Even then the software takes you through a step by step process so stick with it! After the painless setup all you need is a web browser and you’ve completed your online audio server.


Apart from ease of installation PulpTunes aims to bring the same ease to every major OS out there. It runs on Linux, Mac OS and Windows and will auto generate links to songs / playlists , and even cover art (if available on your PC) you can even integrate it iTunes DJ into it and even control the amount of audio data to be buffered so that it works on slower connections. The best part (of course) is that its Open Source which means fully featured for free in this case.

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  1. What I likes about this service is that, you dont have to make your own playlist on it but can share iTunes playlist.

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