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Customizing Windows is a great way to personalize your computer. Today one can find numerous customization options available on the internet. They range from freeware to paid programs, from installable tools to custom icons. Each option offers better visual graphics or increased accessibility.

Today we cover a customization program that couples visual brilliance with accessibility, bringing everything you need onto your desktop. This program is called RKLauncher.


RKLauncher docks program shortcuts onto a bar on your desktop.

To get started, click on ‘Download’ on RKLauncher’s homepge and download its setup file which comes in the form of an extractable ZIP archive file. With a size of merely ~720KB you will be able to get the file in no time. Once obtained, extract the archive. Fortunately no installation is required and you can directly run the executable file.

Running the file will present the RKLauncher bar with the icons docked on it. By default the bar appears at bottom but you can right-click on it and choose its position on your desktop.


The options also let you enable the “automatically hide” the RKLauncher, similar to the Windows Taskbar. The position of icons on the bar can be changed but if you select the ‘Locked’ option, the icons will remain fixed in their positions. You can add more ‘docklets’ or access the settings and change the appearance of RKLauncher:


The icons present in the RKLauncher by default include Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows Media Player, Paint, Windows Movie Maker, Date-Time, QuickTime Player, Control Panel, Address Book, and the Recycle Bin. While running the launcher on, any Window you minimize will be added to the launcher instead of the taskbar.

Apart from these customization options, the icons on the launcher are also magnified when your mouse pointer is above them:


Providing an array of functions within such a small size, RKLauncher is on its way to becoming one of the best Windows customization programs around. Give it a try today.


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