BlackBerry announces BlackBerry 10

Last week saw BlackBerry announce its new platform and the two new phones that will be available to use with it.

The Platform is known as BlackBerry 10 and is said to be aimed at the socially active person as everything is in one place at the swipe of a finger.


The Platform

BlackBerry 10 is dubbed as a “robust and reliable platform that is smooth and responsive”.

  • With the ever present BlackBerry Hub allowing you to access all your conversations in one place.
  • BlackBerry Flow, which enables features and apps to flow seamlessly together.
  • A keyboard that understands and adapts to you, the words that you use so that predictive text is faster.
  • BlackBerry Balance technology, allowing more than one profile so that you can keep business and personal separate.
  • The new BlackBerry 10 browser, setting a benchmark for HTML5 support on smartphone.
  • Built-in support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync so your BlackBerry smartphone can be connected and managed easily.

With this in mind there are two new smartphones available from BlackBerry on the platform, the full touch screen X10 and with a physical keyboard the Q10.


The X10 is a full touch screen smartphone and is already being dubbed as being very similar to the iPhone boasts a 4.2 inch LCD screen with a 1290 X 768 resolution. Other features include the 2MP front facing camera and the 8MP 1080p HD rear facing camera.

With 2GB worth of RAM and the Dual core 1.5GHz processor this phone should be fast and has 16GB worth of in-built memory with the option to add a MiocroSD card for extra storage if needed, after all this is a phone that you can use for business and personal uses.

The Q10 has a QWERTY physical keyboard and is equally powerful with many of the same features as the X10 apart from the screen size is reduced to 3.1 inch to accommodate the keyboard. This is reminiscent of the BlackBerry Bold of old but with a larger screen and a more powerful processor.

These phones aren’t available yet but we expect to see them hitting the shops in early April and then we will see what the verdict is. Will the issues with the BlackBerry network affect the popularity of these devices or will the BlackBerry 10 Operating system be enough to draw people in?

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