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Backup your Nokia phone with Nokia PC Suite

Well, many of us have a Nokia mobile and some of us have a Symbian S60 series mobile. The good thing about using a Symbian S60 Mobile is the ability for you to upgrade the firmware all by yourself. Upgrading the firmware would erase all the settings, messages and contacts on your phone. So, before I guide you through upgrading your phone, I’ll first teach you how to backup your phone using Nokia PC Suite.

Step 1

You’ll first need to download Nokia PC Suite. Nokia Nseries users may want to pick up a version of Nseries PC Suite.

Select your model from the list displayed on that page and download the version of Nokia PC Suite. Once downloaded, run the installer and complete the installation. You may be asked to restart your computer.

On restarting, Nokia PC Suite will open the Connection Manager that will guide you through connecting your mobile phone.

Nokia PC Suite Get Connected

Select the instructions on screen. You can choose your connection depending on if you have a cable or bluetooth. I recommend a cable since the transfers are much faster.

Step 2

Once connected, open up Nokia PC Suite and select Backup which is the very first icon

Nokia PC Suite

Step 3

Hitting Backup opens up the Nokia Content Copier application. The Nokia Content Copier is an extremely powerful application that will allow you to quickly backup your phone contents and restore them if necessary. You’ll see a window like in the screenshot below. It tells you the last time you made a backup which in my case was yesterday.

Nokia Content Copier - Step 1

Simply hit Backup from the main window and you’ll be displayed with a list of sets that you can backup as shown in the screenshot below. You can optionally choose to backup User files from a memory card, however, if you have a large memory card, this will simply inflate the size of the backup and take much longer to create it.

Nokia Content Copier - Step 2

Simply Hit next on this screen and you’ll be prompted for a location to save the backup file. We’ll leave it at the default and hit Next.

Nokia Content Copier - Step 3

And, now we wait while the software backups all the files, images, videos, messages, bookmarks and settings and stores them safely on your computer.

Nokia Content Copier - Step 4

That’s it. You now have a backup that you can run to in case of an emergency, or when you accidently delete contacts or messages or in case you upgrade the firmware of your phone. Stay tuned, for that’s next Monday 🙂


  1. I restored from backup and the applications that were installed are not restored and when I reinstall them all the settings are lost. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Unfortunately, this is the same problem that I have faced as well. I think that applications installed on the phone memory are restored to some extent, while those on the memory card are not.

      I guess, we’ll have to wait till Nokia fixes this.

  2. I updated my firmware of my E61 using my Nokia PC suite.I didnt know that I had to take a back up of the phone memeory and all my contacts are now lost.Is there anyway I can recover it??

  3. Dear Ajay,
    I had done a complete backup after which I upfated the software. Now I am not able to retreive the contact list that was backed up. Can you help?

  4. Hello All,

    I had taken a backup from nokia n72 and had saved th backup files in my computer …now I have lost my nokia n72 and have purchased nokia 2700.. I would like to save these backup files to my new nokia 2700.. is that possible.. how ??

    many thanks
    Gaurav Rajan

      1. yes definitely … 2700 does support pc cit but i need to put the files from old fone to this one …..which is not happening .. i can take the new backup from 2700 and put the same files to 2700 .. i want to put the files taken from n72 to 2700

        1. When restoring the backup there should be an option of selecting a backup file, or selecting backup from \”another phone\”. That’s where you select the N72 backup file.

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