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Backup Facebook Data with SocialSafe

As the internet becomes increasingly a part of our lives, protecting your data becomes equally important! Especially when it comes to preserving your valuable memories!

SocialSafe.net is dedicated to doing just that, billed as a facebook backup tool, Socialsafe allows you download your photos (even tagged ones), friends and profile info, onto your harddisk.

Not only does this provide a backup but all the content is downloaded in such a way that you can view your content offline as well!

The software requires the Adobe Air platform to run and is $2.99 to purchase(because of the low cost there’s no trial version.) The good part is that although Facebook is currently the only website supported the development team are working on supporting a lot more social networking websites in the near future!


Key features include

  • Download all your photo albums and photos you’re tagged in.
  • Backup your friends and profile info.
  • View and browse your Facebook profile offline.
  • Let friends know that you’ve downloaded the photos.

Check out SocialSafe.net

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