Backup Everything with MailBrowserBackup

If you’re running tonnes of browsers on your system and one or more email clients, you’ll know that backing these up is a really painful experience. Each tool has a separate software that helps you backup and some others don’t even have that.

Things are different with MailBrowserBackup.

MailBrowserBackup is a simple utility for creating complete backups of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Opera Browser, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, SRWare Iron, FileZilla FTP Client, eMule profiles. Ok, not all yet, but they are soon to be added into the list.


  • Multi-threading: you can backup and restore more profiles simultaneously
  • Written in C#, so in the next release it will work on Linux too (Mono 2.0 required)
  • Completely open source

You’ll need .NET Framework 2.0 or above if you want to run this software


The only thing I’m “worried” about is that the same is hosted on 110mb, as I’ve seen many of these programs die out. Hopefully, the author moves this over to SourceForge.

MailBrowserBackup 0.1 Stable | [Mirror 1] | [Mirror 2]
MailBrowserBackup 0.1 C# Source

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