Autorun Remover (Tool Thursday)

In the past few months, I’ve seen a numerous number of viruses that infect both hard disks and removable drives. Their modus operandi of spreading is to create an autorun.inf file in the root of the partition, which most users unknowingly run.

Many antivirus programs do not delete this autorun.inf file in spite of cleaning the virus. This will cause an autorun dialog to popup every single time you click on the drive.

This is where Autorun Remover steps in. It checks the Autorun files in your all drives and ask you to delete it if it appears dangerous for your computer.

Autorun Remover

The best part about this is the extremely small download size and it gets the job done.

Download from Icall Softs


4 thoughts on “Autorun Remover (Tool Thursday)”

  1. Hiii

    Myself Ishrar G. from I am the developer of AR1.0
    Thank you for good comments about my application.

    You can contact me on [email protected]

    Over this comment haider_up32 has written that we can create BAT file to remove autorun.inf file. He is right I used to keep BAT file in my pendrive which remove autorun.inf. But I found literate n experienced people unaware of BAT and DOS commands, then I stoped using BAT and created AR1.0 and now it took place in my pendrive instead remover.bat.

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