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Automattic acquires IntenseDebate (WordPress Wednesday)

In an announcement on their blog, Intense Debate stated that they have been acquired by Automattic.

IntenseDebate is a comment system that enhances and encourages discussion on your blog or website. This is done via comment threading, replying via email and an ability to import and export comments.

What’s in store for us users?

Automattic plans on keeping IntenseDebate an independent entity as was in the case of Gravatar. Which means that even non-WordPress users have an opportunity of using the service.

Currently IntenseDebate has been converted to a private beta by invitation only. I’ve applied. Should be interesting to see how it goes.

Comments has always been a problem with WordPress and just about any other blogging system. Of late it has just gotten worse.

Will IntenseDebate become an integral part of WordPress? It is a good possibility, just has Gravatar and Akismet come bundled in WordPress. I am pretty sure that it will become a part of WordPress.com first.

Matt has already revealed what plans are in store for IntenseDebate. I’d love to see some of the features being implemented, especially the threaded comments and more importantly the moderation via email and replies to comments via email.

What do you think about this acquisition?

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