Automatically shutdown Pc from Twitter

This is just the beginning for us to experience more and more applications for Twitter. Just like FireFox we can expect thousands of add-ons for Twitter that can help us get our stuff done in no time. Today, I’ve confronted another useful Twitter application that allows you to log off, shutdown and restart your computer.

TweetMyPc is a free utility that comes with a very user friendly interface and allows you to shutdown, restart or log off your pc with a single command. To get started simply

  • Download the application
  • Create a new Twitter account for your PC
  • Start TweetMyPC and log on. Once your account is verified double click the Twitter Icon to start TweetMyPc


From here when ever you want to shutdown , restart or logoff your PC. Just login to your PC’s Twitter account and post a new Tweet by typing “shutdown”, “restart” or “logoff”. TweetMyPC checks for new tweets every 1 minute.


Download TweetMyPc


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