What’s Your Computer Disaster Plan?

Sad, but true: If you spend a lot of time on your computer, there’s no doubt that you’ll experience data storage problems at some point, whether it’s a mechanical failure or a failure on your part. In this increasingly digital world, data is becoming the most important thing you can create. When that data – personal, financial or otherwise – is lost, by golly you need to get it back.

How to not be a noob at app development

Mobile apps are gold and programmers who want to develop another revenue stream would do well to turn their hand to developing them. If you know how to write and debug code and have experience with smartphones and tablets, you’ve got a leg up on others hoping to get into the app and mobile game development market. Where to get started Spend time thinking about what type of mobile application you’d like to make and what type of platform you plan to make it for.

Is There Life After E-mail?

Though high school kids may struggle to remember a time before rapid-fire online communication, those of us who’ve made it beyond puberty can recall the not-so-distant past before social networks and smartphones. We remember sending an email to a friend and knowing it might be hours before that friend saw it in his or her inbox. We remember using instant messengers as our primary real-time communicators, simple tools for virtual chatting that seemed high-tech at the time.

Using the cloud effectively

The cloud is the big buzzword for 2012. It refers, of course, to an effective data storage system that can be accessed from remote locations. Instead of hefting the burden of running programs onto a limited number of local servers, functions are divided among an entire cloud network.