How to Modify the Bubble Screensaver of Windows 7

The bubble screensaver of Windows 7 may be the Windows 7 users’ favorite screensaver. In fact, these transparent bubbles can become solid and metallic balls through a little modification. The operation is simple as below: Start-Run-Regedit.


How to Detect the Spyware and Malware

How to Detect the Spyware and Malware Spywares and malwares are considered to be a greater threat than computer viruses. This is because the detection of a spyware or a malware in the computer is very tough and you cannot be sure that a spyware or a malware is present in the PC, until the time you notice the loss of data or the popping up of unwanted advertisements. This is the reason why it becomes highly imperative as a computer user to know how to detect as well as cure a spyware or malware attack.