A Critical Evaluation of Top Sites

Most of us have added our sites to some top site list at some point of time. I know I have, with many different results and so I am sitting here and taking a closer look at them. Way back in 2000 when I started my first site on Sherlock Holmes, I was totally clueless about everything but design (and I will admit that I pretty much sucked at that then).


Send User-Agent when confirming pingbacks with WordPress

Following discussions at the WordPress support forums, bug #1713, the bug was fixed by Changset #2933 In simple English, WordPress confirms pingbacks with a blank user-agent. The latest version of Bad Behavior blocks sites with send a blank user agent, as this is a common technique being used by spammers to get through user agent filters. I faced a similar problem with Silktide and added their IP to the whitelist. – back on track?

The last two days have seen long page loads along with temporary downtime at Well things seem to be back on track now. Though I do have a feeling that an older backup was used, because I seem to have lost a comment on my post below.