WordPress.com Please give me

Update I missed this, but Donncha has already taken care of this request 🙂 For those new to WordPress, in versions 1.5.x and below a nice feature for creating teasers was available while posting.


Photobucket.com Free Accounts Upgraded

For those who aren’t aware, PhotoBucket is a free image hosting service in the likes of Flickr. They have just upgraded the free services provided to users. You now have a free storage of 50MB and free bandwidth of 2500MB/month which should be more than enough for free users.

“Stop Blogging!” says High School

Associated Press reports that a High School has ordered school children to remove their personal blogs to protect themselves from cyberpredators. This ofcourse has raked up a controversy with blogging community crying lack for free speech while others crying protection. Well, like I said before privacy and blogging is all upto you.

Is Blogging Private?

Lately I’ve come across a lot of persons asking me about the privacy of blogging. Others tell me that they seem to know a lot about me by reading my personal blog even without meeting me. This led me to actually evaluate the privacy of having your own blog.

Do you know a Splog?

Splog is short for a “Spam Blog”. This is a blog with absolutely no useful information made for targeting search engines. Most of the slogs I have seen gather their content automatically usually gathering that from other sites by robbing their feeds or by random generation of content.