Assign hotkeys to Almost Any Function

Hotkeys are great timesavers. To shut down your computer, pressing Alt-F4 is so much easier and quicker than sliding the mouse pointer over to Start and then choosing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could assign keyboard hotkeys to the computer functions you perform most usually? Suppose the default folder view is Thumbnails and you’re more comfortable with the List view. Having a hotkey for changing the Thumbnails to Lists would be highly facilitating.

Keeping that in mind, CoolKeys was created. CoolKeys is a freeware that lets us, the users, assign hotkeys to almost any task.


With CoolKeys, we can use hotkeys to launch programs, open documents and links/websites, perform numerous system operations (such as opening the control panel, adjusting the volume, minimizing open windows).

The download file is merely ~1.5 MB and when installed, here’s how CoolKeys looks like:


By default there are no hotkey functions added to CoolKeys. But you can easily make new ones by clicking on Coolkey in the main menu and choosing New. You are presented with a screen from which you can choose your desired hotkey and its corresponding action:


You can either assign the hotkey to perform a system function (by accessing Actions) or you can have it open a file and also specify what program will be used to open that file.

Hotkeys works with a minimal memory footprint and stays active as an icon in your system tray.

Hotkeys offers amazing functionality and increased efficiency for its users. It’s definitely a must-have.

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