Are you guilty of these Google AdSense violations?

Jennifer of has written a detailed article explaining some of the common mistakes that website owners commit when integrating Google Adsense in their sites.

She’s covered the following problems:

  • Clicking on your own ads
  • Creative attractions around your ads
  • Asking users to click on your ads
  • Using code to modify the size of the ads
  • Drop down navigation covering your ads?
  • Pre-filling the search box Adsense for Search
  • Not putting a privacy policy. Check out the privacy policy at Techtites.
  • Buying traffic for your site
  • Mentioning your Google Adsense stats, payments etc.
  • Using illegal content and content that goes against Google Adsense terms
  • Not adhering to both the Webmaster Guidelines and the “spirit” of the Landing Page Quality Guidelines

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