An Easy To Use Dictionary and Translator for Bloggers

As a blogger, I know that dictionaries are things I just can’t manage without. And by dictionaries, I mean software that is a dictionary. I can’t reach over to my actual dictionary every time I come across a word I don’t the meaning to. Looking for the word in an actual dictionary takes up valuable time which I need to finish my work in time.

To save time and to look up words quickly and efficiently, I use Lingoes.

Lingoes is only ~5 MB to download and supports multiple languages.

Lingoes lets users capture the text from screen by keyboard+mouse combinations. You can then look up the word’s meaning, its translation into another language, its proper pronunciation, or its synonym.

The default setup shows a word’s meaning by right-clicking on the word while holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard. Here’s how the meaning is displayed:


Translation of words into other languages is quite simple:


Apart from the changing the ‘TO’ and ‘FROM’ languages in the translators, you can also choose which service translates your text:


Lingoes has immensely helped me out in my work. It can do the same for everybody else.

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