Advanced Photo Editing with Tutorials by PhotoBie

At first I thought Photobie no more than a PhotoShop clone – however I was too quick to label it. While it may be similar in nature to PhotoShop (ie its a digital imaging software) that’s about as far as the similarities go!

I thought I’d never say this about a software but this one actually has heart! Designed by a father for editing his little girls photos, the software’s humble (and very touching) beginnings quickly developed into a powerful image editor thanks to a very strong user community that helped develop it into the software it is today.

With every function that was added a whole truckload of tutorials were made for each option (you can view these in the tutorials section as well as the awesome community forum.) With time more and more options were added to the software one of the more prominent features was support for PhotoShops free 8bf plugins.


These features along with the tutorials turned the simple image editor into a software that could be used to just touch up still photos of your family to creating full blown animations for your website or portfolio!

The community has also become a great place to find professional software, graphics and web design specialists, however the best ability that Photobie sports, is the fact that its absolutely free! Yes that applies to both Photobie and the full featured Photobie DS (Design Studio)! Both are free for non-commercial use (For commercial use of Photobie DS you need to contact the developers to negotiate a price).

Currently photobie supports features such as GIF animation, screen capture, an image browser, Photoshop filter plugins host and photo template features. The Photobie team are continuously adding more artistic Design Templates, brushes, masks and other artwork in each new version to be shared with all.

They’re giving all this for free because they have one simple belief running through their community and behind the software- to quote the website : “It’s for love!” Indeed!

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