Add your blog’s search box to Firefox

So, you’ve got your blog listed with a major search engine and you’ve also got enough content to warrant a search box on your blog. Cool. Now how about giving your readers the ability to search thru your site via the Firefox Search box (shortcut CTRL+K).  Here’s how:

We’re going to make use of the Mycroft Project:

The Mycroft Project provides a collection of Sherlock & OpenSearch Search Engine Plugins (17032 at the last count) for your web browser. Sherlock is supported by  Mozilla Firefox and  Mozilla SeaMonkey and other browsers based on the Mozilla core.
OpenSearch is supported by  Mozilla Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7.

As an example, I’m going to detail below the steps undertaken to create and submit Techtites Search to the Mycroft community.

Step 1: Go to the Mycroft Project’s Submission Utility page and check the Show Full Instructions box to make it easier.

Step 2: In a separate tab/window, open up the site for which you want to create the search plugin, in this case –

In the search box, enter {searchTerms} (case sensitive) and execute the search. In almost all cases, the search results page will show either with some results or an apologetic page mentioning its inability to locate your search term. What matters to us is the URL that has been generated. Here it is{searchTerms}&x=0&y=0

Make a note of this URL.

Step 3: We almost have all the details we require. To add a touch of class, let’s also add the site’s favicon. In the address bar, type in . This will result in the Favicon being shown. Right-click the image and save it.

Step 4: Right! Now that we have all the info we need, time to start entering it into the Mycroft Submission Utility.

Choose Icon – navigate to the favicon you saved earlier. Here I faced a small problem…Techtites favicon actually contains 3 icons of varying size, so I had to use an image editor – Irfanview to save the 16×16 sized icon. You can always use a different icon, but the 16×16 size is preferred.

Reference – Enter a unique name – techtites

Your Name & Your email – Self explanatory.

Plugin Name – Enter the plugin’s name as desired – Techtites Search. This is what will be displayed in the search box when no terms have been entered.

Plugin Description – A short description of the plugin.

Search URL – This is by far the most important field and what you enter here is what makes the plugin work. Remember the URL that we had made a note of earlier when searching for {searchTerms}? Enter that here –{searchTerms}&x=0&y=0

Leave the default option GET for now.

Scroll down a few fields to the Search Form URL field and enter the URL to the main page –

Almost done…Select the appropriate categories for the plugin to be listed under ; I picked NEWS…TECHNOLOGY.

Step 5: Click Generate Plugin to generate the appropriate code and then Install Plugin to install it in your own browser for testing purposes. Once you’re satisfied that the plugin works as intended, submit the code by clicking the SUBMIT button.

That’s it! Check out the Techtites Search plugin here.

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