Add Multimedia to Your Website with Apture

I came across a new service called Apture a few days ago and had decided to blog about it. Many bloggers may be aware of Snap Shots. Snap Shots launched a few years back and took the web by storm. Apture is similar in this respect, though I must say, their popup window is better looking.

Getting started with Apture is rather easy.

You first need to register on their site and add your blog(s). Apture currently supports the following platforms:

The following platforms are not yet Apture compatible. So, if you are on one of these, you’ll just have to wait it out.

I initially checked out the WordPress plugin. It’s a simple plugin that allows you to add Apture to your WordPress blog without much hassle. You can add your Apture Site Token on the settings page.

I chose to go with the manual option and added the script tag directly in my WordPress theme footer.php.

Once you have the code added, Apture will automatically create links for Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube and several other services.

Additionally, when you visit your site you can hit the letter ‘e’ on your keyboard (this is configurable from the Apture site) and you are presented with a dashboard that allows you to manually add links. Apture will search for content as shown in the screenshot below. You can also upload your own content or just create a simple link.


I chose to link to a Wikipedia article and a link was created on the page with a Wikipedia icon next to it. Check out the term greenhouse gasses in my post Is Google endangering our Planet?

You can also open up the editing of links to all your visitors. Now, this isn’t something I recommend. Alternatively, you can add a few select members as editors and they can add links.

Additionally, you can add the ‘aptureAutolink‘ class to any link to Apturize it automatically. To prevent Apture auto linking links, add the ‘aptureNoAutolink‘ class.

Also, you can add the following code so that Apture links are created only between these sections:

Start of content region: <span id="aptureStartContent"></span>

End of content region: <span id="aptureEndContent"></span>

I’ll be running Apture on this blog for a while and would love some feedback for the same. Do you like it, or do you simply hate it? What would you like to see?


4 thoughts on “Add Multimedia to Your Website with Apture”

    1. It does look good.

      One suggestion is to distribute the plugin via WordPress Repository. This way people will download it, put it on their blog. Then you can prompt for signup.

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