Add colour to your Twitter experience with Twimbow

Are you following a few hundred people on Twitter? If you do, then you’ll realise that the frequent updates on Twitter are close to impossible to follow, unless you’re monitoring Twitter continuously. Twimbow is a web application that helps any social media user to engage their network of friends more effectively, by organizing and enriching their conversations online.


The key feature of Twimbow is its ability to make your twitter feeds more manageable by colour coding them. However, Twimbow goes over and beyond just that. You have an integrated ability to manage your twitter followers, filter hash tags and more. You can also share your tweets on Facebook or save them on Instapaper.

Twimbow also lets you quickly browse through your mentions, sent and received DMs and your statuses that have been retweeted. One really good feature is to schedule your tweets. With this, you can easily spread multiple tweets over the day or on a daily basis.

The app uses Oauth and so it easily logins to your twitter and fetches content seamlessly without any major effort on your part. Of course, you’ll need to set this up the first time. And, if you are a Google Chrome users, you can get hold of the Twimbow extension from the Chrome store.

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