Adblock: Block Ads in Google Chrome [Extension]

One thing which many people find annoying is the advertisements, irrelevant logos and banners etc. on websites. This makes it difficult for readers to find the relevant content they are looking for. To get rid of this problem, we came across an excellent extension for Google chrome, Adblock, which blocks ads on all the pages you browse on the internet.

The extension is really easy and simple to use. Just download and install the extension.

Once the installation is complete, a new window will popup which will ask you to setup the extension as shown below.

Just select the desired settings. If you want the adblock icon to appear in the task bar, check the option and install the helper extension. Otherwise, just leave it as it is.  Now, open any page with ads and you will see the magic of Adblock.



You can change general Adblock settings so that it displays ads on certain sites as well. To do this, go to Adblock options by going to Tools > Extensions.

Select your desired settings, Excluded Sites, blacklisted sites etc. Customize it the way you want to.

Adblock is an excellent utility which can block ads all over the web. If you are a Firefox users, you can install Adblock on Firefox as well.

Download Adblock for Google Chrome

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