Achieving Supreme Mobile Website Usability : 6 Amazing Tips

Achieving Supreme Mobile Website Usability : 6 Amazing Tips

Finding your way around a wide range of mobile websites has become a difficult task for the website owners. When it comes to creating a mobile website, there has been a lack of proper usability in the design. As a result of this, the quality of designs especially for the mobile usability factor has decreased. There is instability in the mobile web design information that is present around the web.

Achieving Supreme Mobile Website Usability : 6 Amazing Tips

Below mentioned are 6 simple and prominent tips to design a more efficient mobile interface and thereby enhance the quality of mobile website usability:

Know Your Audience

Similar to any other usability article no matter whether it is related to web or desktop, there is always some kind of connection that has to be established between the designer and the user. If you would like to set up a mobile website with a great level of interaction between the website’s interface and the users, how will you implement this step effectively if you are not aware about who is going to access your mobile website?

It is important to know your audience by implementing a few tests and collecting useful information through various usability testing and analysis tools on the website. Remember that your task is to listen and learn from your users. Once you have a good insight about the areas and design elements that your users are attracted to, then you can move towards the next step that is mobile accessibility.

Mobile Accessibility 

The key to the effectiveness of your mobile website usability is designing the mobile website in such a way so that the users can move quickly and freely throughout the mobile website. For instance, allowing toggling for options instead of forcing the users to view them, hiding the rarely used features and widgets and not having the users to fill out long forms; these are just the beginning of things that you can do for creating an efficient and accessible mobile environment. When the users access your mobile website, a large amount of their attention must be re-focused on the content that you want them to see instead of the aesthetics. This means that the content should be easily accessible.

Even if you own a blog, it is important to provide the readers with supreme usability. You should also utilize a variety of techniques that will help you to redirect the mobile users and detect the respective screen resolutions.

Limit Everything To Minimum

Keeping everything to a minimum means keeping it simple. Effective mobile interactions are directly related to great usability and there’s nothing to do with the overcrowded designs. In order to reach out to a user successfully, it is important to keep the mobile design as simple and possible. For example, ensure that your mobile website navigation bar is short, eliminate the excessive hyperlinks in one page and also restrict the use of images. For a great mobile website, less is definitely more!

Interacting Through Color

This might seem unrelated but color plays a crucial role in the mobile website usability. If colors are used in the right parameters, they create a visually compelling atmosphere. This makes it easier to communicate information given on a page without utilizing any additional space. If you wish to use different colors, make sure to refer to the W3C Mobile Website Best Services (utilization of color). As a result of this, you will know that if you provide users with information through colors, you will also have to make sure that the same information is accessible without any color as well.

The background colors are accepted, there must be a specific contrast between the text and the background color. Information that is conveyed through colors should consist of a clear contrast between any of the other elements present in the mobile website design. Keep mind that colors are used for communicating the information effectively and not just for making things look pretty.

Testing Phase

In order to create good usability for your mobile website, it is important to test the website early in the design process. When it comes to mobile testing; make sure to keep the tests as simple as possible. Testing the mobile website for usability is not just a onetime event, it is an ongoing process. It will help you in enhancing the quality of the mobile website with time. As there are a huge amount of devices that users can utilize for accessing your mobile website, your aim should not be just to conduct tests on a regular basis, but you should also make sure that the tests are conducted on multiple devices. Although some devices may have the same browsers, it is important to conduct testing on various devices as it will help you to address the difference between various screen resolutions, operating systems and sizes so that your mobile website functions effectively.

People Might Not Know All The Mobile Jargons

There are many jargons in the mobile language like AppStore and iCloud. It is a mistake to assume that people have the knowledge of all these jargons. People who are less tech savvy generally have a less amount of experience in handling the smart phones. They are not comfortable with the mobile language, metaphors and interactions relating to the mobile devices as compared to the comfort level they have with the web. Therefore, you should not have too many assumptions and avoid the use of a lot of mobile jargons.

With the growing competition, it is important to have a presence on various mobile devices and smart phones. By implementing a few steps mentioned above, you will be able to secure higher efficiency for your mobile website.

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